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A beaker of mass 1.2 kg containing 2.1 kg
of water rests on a scale. A 2.2 kg block of aluminum (of density 2700 kg/m3) suspended from a spring scale is submerged in the water.
Find the reading of the upper scale (the spring scale). The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s2 . Answer in units of N.
Find the reading of the bottom scale(scale placed under the beaker).
Answer in units of N.

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    The lower scale supports the beaker, water, and the buoyant force of water on the aluminum

    buoyantforce= densitywater*g*volumeAl

    volumeAl= massAl/denstityAl

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    and what about the spring scale?
    is it apparent weight = actual weight - densitywater*g*V ?

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