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Posted by mark on Sunday, November 28, 2010 at 1:57pm.

this is a french fable that I translated but I don't really undersand it. It is called the lion and the hunter...

A braggart, lover of hunting,
Just lost a dog of good breed,
He suspected the body of a lion,
Saw a shepherd: "Teach me, please,
My thief, he said, the house.
That this not because I do. "
The shepherd said: "It was around this mountain.
By paying tribute to a sheep
For each month, I wander in the countryside
As I please, and I'm at rest. "
At the moment they held these remarks,
The lion comes out, and comes with a light step.
Immediately to dodge the bully;
"O Jupiter, show me some asylum
Cried he, who can save me! "

The true test of courage
Only the danger that one touches the finger,
Such as seeking, he said that, changing language,
Fled as soon as he sees it.

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