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A barbell is mounted on a nearly frictionless axle through its center. The low-mass rod has a length d = 0.27 m, and each ball has a mass m = 0.2 kg. At this instant, there are two forces of equal magnitude F applied to the system as shown in the figure, with the directions indicated, and at this instant the angular velocity is 100 radians/s, counterclockwise, and the angle ¦È = 32¡ã. In the next 0.005 s, the angular momentum relative to the center increases by an amount 4.0 ¡Á 10−4 kg ¡¤ m2/s. What is the magnitude of each force?

Could you please work it out and not just put a number

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    There is no figure to help explain the problem, and this is not a place to come to have problems completely worked out for you.

    This looks a problem where you would apply the formula

    Torque = rate of change of angular momentum

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