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Lazydog and his tractor (1330 kg) are pulling a trailer (530 kg) up a 7° hill. The trailer wheels roll freely. What is the magnitude of the force in the coupling between the tractor and trailer when their velocity is 8.7 m/s up the hill and they are slowing down at a rate of 0.2 m/s2? (N)

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    The mass of the tractor is irrelevant.
    The mass of the trailer, m = 530kg
    The inclination, θ = 7°

    The net downward force is due to gravity, equal to

    F1=mg sin(θ)

    The coupling pulls the trailer with a force (tension) of T such that the net force is downwards equal to

    Substituting F1, and solving for T
    =mg sin(θ)- m(0.2)

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    thanks a lot

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