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I've got a question:
Imagine this scenario where someone releases a marble down an inclined ramp and at the end of the ramp a block is fixed. So the marble will roll down the ramp and it will collide with the block.

Since the block is fixed, m(marble)u(marble) + m(block)u(block) = m(marble)v(marble) + m(block)v(block) by conservation of momentum. Since u(block) and v(block) = 0, u(marble) = v(marble).

Yet, KE of the marble is lost and when it rebounds it will not go back up to its original height. How can momentum be conserved in this case?

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    To clarify, KE of the marble is lost through heat for eg. due to this collision being inelastic. If KE of the marble is lost, then how does u(marble) = v(marble)?

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    The earth moved under its feet.

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