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I need to enclose a section that is 250 square ft with a fence that cost $1.50 per yard, what dimension would i use to minimize the cost?

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    You don't specify what shape your enclosure is to have.
    The shape which has the most area for the least perimeter of course is the circle.
    so πr^2 = 250
    r = 8.9206
    and the circumference
    = 2πr = 2π(8.9206)
    = 56.05 ft
    = 18.68 ft
    So you will have to buy 19 yards for a cost of $28.50

    If you want a 4-sided shape, it will be a square
    side^2 = 250
    side = 15.811
    perimeter = 4s = 63.25 feet
    = 21.08 yards.

    in this case you will need 22 yards, since 21 yds are not enough
    for a cost of $33

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