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In the diagram below(no diagram but details will be provided), right triangle ABC and line BD is an altitude to side line AC.

* Prove that (AB)^2=(AC)(AD)

-When you label the triangle B should be were the right angle is C should be at the top of the triangle and it should be ovious were A goes

-The given is that triangle ABC is a right triangle
-BD, B is located at the bottom were right angle is or were the lines of the triangle meets and D is directly across for B on the hypotenuse.
-when you draw that you shoud see that ABC is now 2 triangles. in the bigger triangle angle D is a right angle.

i tried to explain how to draw it as much as possible hope you can help

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    let angle A be x
    let angle C be y

    In triangle ADB, if angle ADB = 90, then angle ABD = y
    then angle DBC = x

    and triangle
    ADB is similar to triangle
    BDC is similar to triangle

    then AB/AC = AD/AB
    (AB)^2 = (AC)(AD)

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