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The average distance separating Earth and the Moon (center to center) is 384 000 km. Use the data in Table 7.3 to find the net gravitational force exerted by Earth and the Moon on a 3.00 multiplied by 104 kg spaceship located halfway between them

(Earth mass kg: 5.98 x 10^24,
Moon mass kg:7.36 x 10^22 ) (Earth mean radius: 6.37x 10^6, Moon mean radius:1.74 x 10^6)

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    The formula to be used is

    F = G M1*M2/R^2

    Use half the earth-moon distance for R.

    M1 is the spaceship mass
    M2 is the mass of the attracting body (Earth or moon)
    G is the universal gravity constant. (Look it up)
    The net force is the difference bewteen the force exerted by Earth and Moon

    The radii of Earth and Moon have nothing to do with the answer.

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