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Posted by Cliff on Wednesday, November 24, 2010 at 12:41pm.

Please let me know how I'm doing with the following chemistry problems. I appreciate your imput.
Here's problem 1:

A sample of Helium gas occupies a volume of 29.4mL AT 18deg.celcius.
(a)Would the volume of this gas sample be doubled at 36deg.celcius?
(b)At what temperature(degree celcius)would the volume of the gas be cut in half?

Solution (a): finding V2
=29.4mL * 309k/291k = 31.2mL

Solution(b):finding T2
T2=V2T1/V1=31.2mL*291K/29.4mL =309K

Question 2

If 3.25 mol of Argon gas occupies a volume of 100L,what volume does 14.15 mol occupy?

Since 1 mol of a gas at STP= 22.4L
14.15 mol Ar * (39.95/1 mol Ag)*(22.4L/1 mol Ar)= 12,226L

The way I've solved question 2 looks strange.

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