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A 25.00-mL sample of 0.723 M HClO4 is titrated with a 0.273 M KOH solution. The H3O+ concentration after
the addition of 10.0 mL of KOH is ???? M.

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    Start with an equation

    HClO4 -> H+ + ClO4-

    so one mole of HClO4 gives one mole of H+ or H3O+

    and one mole of HClO4 reacts with one mole of KOH

    starting moles

    25.00 x 0.723 /1000 moles

    moles of KOH added

    10.0 x 0.273 /1000 moles

    so moles of HClO4 left =

    (25.00 x 0.723 /1000 moles)-(10.0 x 0.273 /1000 moles)

    which is also the number of moles of H+

    new volume = (25.0+10.0) ml = 35.0 ml

    hence calculate the new concentration

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