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Posted by Cliff on Tuesday, November 23, 2010 at 6:49pm.

Tutors: thanks for your help.

Is this how this problem is solved ?

A sample of Xenon gas at 20degrees celcius and 0.570atm is cooled to a pressure of 0.100atm. If the volume remains constant what is the final temperature in degree celcius?

Solution: Using Gay-Lussac's Law to find T2 or final temperature.

=51.4k - 273k
= - 222degrees celcius ??

And last question

If 0.105mol of He gas occupies a volume of 2.35L,what volume would 0.337 mol of He occupy?

1 mole of a gas at STP = 22.4L

So, 0.337mol He * 22.4L/1 mol He = 7.55L.

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