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Posted by Cliff on Tuesday, November 23, 2010 at 4:17pm.

Please let me know how I am doing with the following three chemistry questions.

1.A sample of a gas in thermometer has a volume of 135mL at 11 degree celcius.Indicat what temperature(in k and degree celcius)would correspond to the foll.volume:
(a)volume:113mL temperature ??

Solution:Finding final temperature or T2 using Charles'law
T2= V2T1/V1
=(113ML)(11degree celcius/135mL
=9.21degree celcius.

2.If a 5.00L sample of an ideal gas was cooled from 24degree celcius to
-272degree celcius,what will the volume become? Give your answers in sign.figures.

Solution:Applying Charles'law
= 0.17L

3.A sample of ammonia gas at standard pressure is heated from 20degrees celcius to 200degrees celcius.If the volume remains the same what is the final pressure in mmHg?

Finding final pressure or P2,using Gay-Lussac's law

Thanks for your work.

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