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Please explain with complete step by step instructions.

#8)One type of lawn fertilizer consists of a mixture of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. An 80lb sample contains 8 move lbs of nitrogen and phosphorus than potassium. There is 16lb more potasssium than 5 times the amount of phosphorus. Let x be the amount of nitrogen, let y be the amount of phosphorus and let z be the amount potassium in the sample. Find the amount of each of the chemicals in the sample.

X = _____
y = _____
z = _____
(Hint: you must set up and solve a 3 by 3 systems of equations.)

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    I will assume that you meant "more" where you wrote "move"

    The three equations you have to solve are
    X + Y + Z = 80 (pounds)
    X + Y - Z = 8
    Z = 5Y + 16

    The first two equations tell you right away that 2Z = 72, so Z = 36

    The last equation tells you that 5Y = 20, so Y = 4.
    X + 4 + 36 = 80, so X = 40

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    You're correct move is suppose to be more. Thank you so much for explaining this to me. It's very helpful.

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