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Posted by Keisha on Monday, November 22, 2010 at 5:25pm.

can someone please proofready my essay and fix any grammar errors I make have Thanks.

Frederick Douglass had rough transition from freedom to slavery. His journey changed from oppression to freedom. He did not know what God had planned for his life, but he soon realized that his life was greater than slavery. I will be discussing the importance of trust, howrisky it was for him to escape, and how trust took part in moving forward toward true freedom.
Trust was a major issue back in those times. Escaping from slavery could cost slaves their lives. If Frederick Douglass was going to escape slavery he needed someone that he could trust and fast. Slaves only knew the life of being a slave. They did not know how to escape from their master’s without being caught. He had to find out how to escape from a slave named Jake. “Jake told me all about his circumstances, and how narrowly he escaped being taken back to slavery;” So he could trust Jake to a certain extent.
Frederick Douglass could not trust anyone. “That the black people in New York were not to be trusted; that there were hired men on the lookout for fugitives from slavery, and who, for a few dollars, would betray me into the hands of the slave-catchers;” It was very sad that he could not trust his own people and that they would rat him out for money. He could only rely on himself. So he could not risk being recaptured by his slave master and punished for escaping.
He was not safe in New York and they had just passed a fugitive slave bill.“New York, seventeen years ago, was less a place of safety for a runaway slave than now, and all know how unsafe it now is, under the new fugitive slave bill.”Frederick was scared, lonely and he did not have any money.He finally met some new friends and they were the Johnson’s. “Once initiated into the new life of freedom, and assured by Mr. Johnson that New Bedford was a safe place.”Frederick was secure and he could finally start a new life. His new found trust made freedom a breath of fresh air for him.
In conclusion, trust was very important to Frederick Douglass. His escape was very risky, and he had to trust someone in order to be truly free. Frederick had a long journey as a slave, but a beautiful victory as a free man.

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