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Physics-Please check

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Which of the following confirms that gravitational mass and inertial mass are equal? I posted this about three hours ago and no one answered it so I'm hoping someone can look at my answer and direct me

1.Free-fall accleration is the same throughout the universe
2.Free fall acceleration is the same at all points where the gravitational field stength is the same
3.Newton's second llaw is valid throughout the universe
4.An objects's weight can change with location but the object's mass remains constant.

Thank you for any help-I'm really confused on this question. I'm thinking its number 4 because I don't think the two freefall answers it

  • Physics-Please check -

    1. is not true
    3. has nothing to do wth gravity
    4. is true but says nothing about equality of inertial and graviational mass
    That leaves 2.

    What was your answer?

  • Physics-Please check -

    I said number 4 so I was wrong-

    Thank you for explaining it and not thinking I'm a complete dope-

  • Physics-Please check -

    You made a good attempt. It was not a well-posed question. The equality of gravitational and inertial mass was a problem that bothered Einstein and led him to the Principle of Equivalence and the General Theory of Relativity.

    He formulated it as follows:
    The laws of physics are the same in a zero-gravity field as in an accelerating free-falling coordinate system WITH gravity.

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