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Homework Help: Fine Art

Posted by mysterychicken on Sunday, November 21, 2010 at 12:45pm.

4. Which of the following has a surface covered with coffers?
a. Bath
b. Apse
c. Dome
d. Arch
I know it's not A, but I'm not sure what it is.

9. The Hellenistic style was exemplified in
a. Seated Boxer
b. geometric cases
c. Kouros
d. Classical
Not sure about this one either...

15. Relief sculptures in a temple might be found in the
a. capital and column
b. pediment and lintel
c. frieze and pediment
d. stylobate and lintel

16. The center isle of a Roman meeting place was called the
a. Basilisca
b. Nave
c. Arch
d. Apse
Not sure.

20. In the revival of the Sumerian culture after the Akkadian dominance the best-known ruler was
a. Gudea
b. Hammurabi
c. Ziggurat
d. Paleolithic

21. A most impressive relief sculptures were done by the Assyrians.- T?

24. The Sumerians used a Stylus to draw their triangular forms and wedges.- T?

25. After the decline of the Greek power, Greek art was continued by the Spartans.- F


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