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Homework Help: Composition and Communication I

Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, November 20, 2010 at 9:09pm.

write a one paragraph analysis of about 150 words, in which you do the following:

oIdentify which of the two selected paragraphs was more effective, focusing on the writing elements rather than the opinions presented.
oAnalyze why one paragraph was more effective than the other.
oIn your analysis, compare the sentence structure, word choice, punctuation, variety, and the rhythm of both paragraphs.
oUnderline your topic sentence.

1. A lot of people don’t have wills. Everyone needs a will, but not all people have one. Wills are important because they explain who gets your stuff after you die. You don’t want your things going to someone you don’t want them to go to. My Aunt Martha went to a lawyer to get a will, I did my will online. My dad died in 1988. He didn’t have a will. His stuff went to my step mom, who I don’t get along with. If he would have had a will, I might have been able to start college sooner. But my dad didn’t have a will. A will is good and you need to get one. Do you have a will?

2. Individuals can be denied credit for a number of reasons. Individuals who are near limits on existing cards, have too much outstanding debt or too many accounts overall, have a history of late payments, charge-offs or bankruptcy are likely to be denied credit. Individuals denied credit, by law, will receive a letter documenting the reason for the denial under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Individuals who receive that letter should then examine the reasons for the denial and make efforts to correct their credit.

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