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Math- pplication of Sin and Cos&thier derivative

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An oceanographer measured a set of sea waves during a storm and modelled the vertical displacement of waves in meters using the equation h(t)=0.6cos2t+0.8sint, where t is the time in seconds.

a) Determine the vertical displacement of the wave when the velocity is 0.8m/s

b) Determine the maximum velocity of the wave and when it occurs.

c) When does the wave first change from a hill to a trough? Explain.

Ans: I tried finding the part a) by first finding the derivative, then how do i go about simplifying it. how do i find the max velocity with cos and sin in the function?

  • Math- pplication of Sin and Cos&thier derivative -

    velocity is max when acceleration is zero, so find acceleration, set it to zero, and find t.

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