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What volume of NaOH is required to neutralize 50mL of 0.5M phenol?

So this is just a small calculation in a complex problem, and I would just like someone to check my work so I don't mess up the entire problem based on this calculation.

So mol phenol= molarity x volume
= (0.5mol/L) (0.05 L)
= 0.025mol

phenol and NaOH are a 1:1 molar ratio sooo

V NaOH= 0.025mol/ (2 mol/L)
= 0.0125 L
= 12.5mL

Therefore, 12.5mL of NaOH is required to neutralize 50mL of 0.5M phenol.
Is this correct? I think the part that I'm most uncertain about is the 1:1 molar ratio.

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    Your question doesn't state the concn of the NaOH. If it is 2.00 M, the calculation is correct. The neutralization between phenol and NaOH is, indeed, 1:1.

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