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5th grade Maths

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With help of the 10 equilateral triangles of side 3 cm, 8 rectangles of 4*2 cm and 4 square of 3*3 cm make 3 structures using all the figures. find the perimeter of all the triangles, squares, and rectangles??

  • 11th grade everything :) -

    3+3+3=9=1 triangle
    4+4+2+2=12=1 rectangle
    3+3+3+3=12=1 square
    9x10=90 for 10 squares
    8x12=96 for 8 rectangle
    4x12=48 for 4 squares
    90cm+96cm+48cm=234cm for total perimeter

    perimeter of triangle=s^3=s+s+s
    perimeter of square= l+l+w+w
    perimeter of square=s^4=s+s+s+s

    hope this helps. it should because its the right answer haha :)

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