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Please check grammatical errors.

"Paradise lost" is a very interesting and religious story. The write make a point to describe the unfaithfulness of angles and fall of human from the heaven. The basic theme of the poem is man‘s first disobediently to God. “Of man's first disobedience and the fruit of that forbidden tree, whose mortal taste” (2555). This first disobedience is caused by rebellion and distrust of God. Satan is the one who was disobedient and he yield to self-will instead of surrendering to God and desiring His will in all things. The writer also tries to show that man is not thankful creature of God. Adam and Eve are also not grateful to God for what they already have. The choice to disobey God by Adam and Eve led to the fall of man.

I am not a Christian but I am well aware of Adam –Eve’ real story. In my opinion, the writer tries to pictures Satan as a sympatric figure in the poem. He thinks Satan is a pitiful light and the reader may feel guilty to consider him an evil sprit. Like he said, “For his revolt, yet faithful how they stood”(2560). Satan is just insisting to change the god’s will , Like when a kid insists his father to do something and this action doesn’t make him bad Kid. But in reality it is Satan who is still causing the fall of the man.

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    Paradise Lost = both words capitalized
    The writing makes a point, OR writer?
    unfaithfulness of what? (angels) and the fall

    (2555) is an incomplete sentence

    and he yielded to self-will
    man is not a thankful creature

    Adam and Eve's real story

    may feel guilty in considering him

    (2560) is also an incomplete sentence

    insisting on changing..the god's will OR God's will?

    insists his father do something......him a bad kid.

    the fall of man


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