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Dissent and altruism are a matter of personal conviction, but situation factors are involved also. Analyze five situational factors that are involved when a person decides to "rock the boat" and choose conscience over conformity.

I do not understand what it is that I need to write about, I no that Altruism is defined as showing selfless concern for the welfare of others and Dissent means to differ in opinion.

So am i suppose to write about how freedom of choice overides expected standards and give examples?

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    Yes, I think you've interpreted the assignment correctly.

    The most dramatic example of altruism was shown by the passengers on Flight 93.

  • Psychology/Essay question -

    Having a partner or partners who share the dissenting view helps a person override the expected standards.

    The values and availability of various conformity and non-conforming choices also make a difference. With the airline passengers on Flight 93, the choice seems to be dying in a passive way or dying while resisting.

    The estimated probability of making a change would also be another factor, along with the weight given to other consequences of conformity or nonconformity.

    The ability to perform the altruistic response is also another factor. The ability of a non-swimmer to save a drowning person is essentially zero, unless there are other options beside swimming available (e.g., a boat, a lifeguard to be alerted, a float that could be thrown to the victim).

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