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You are watching an archery tournament when you start wondering how fast an arrow is shot from the bow. Remembering your physics, you ask one of the archers to shoot an arrow parallel to the ground. Unfortunately the archer stands on an elevated platform of unknown height. However, you find the arrow stuck in the ground 62.0 m away, making a 2.00 degree angle with the ground.

How fast was the arrow shooting?

I used
h=1/2 g t^2
62*tan2=1/2 g t^2

speed= 62/t

I got .66 for time
and I got a speed of 93
but my hw says its wrong

  • physics -

    I would carry things to three sig digits, on time, and speed.

  • physics -

    nope i still get the wrong answer

  • physics -

    your assuming that the hypotenuse is a straight line when in reality its a negative expontial curve so this wont work

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