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Calculate the temperature change in the water upon complete melting of the ice. Hint: Determine how much heat is absorbed by the melting ice and then use q =mC*Delta T to calculate the temperature change of the 314 g of water.

under the following conditions:
A 14.7 g ice cube is placed into 314 g of water.

can someone help me?? im completely lost. or can someone help me start the problem? thanks

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    Follow the hint.
    How much heat is required to melt the ice? That will be 14.7 g x heat fusion = ??. That will melt the ice and leave it at zero.
    But you failed to provide the temperature of the 314 g H2O so that's all the help I can offer.

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    actually that's the exact problem. they don't have a starting tempereature or anything. that's why i was lost

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    OK. I didn't read the problem very well. It asks for the temperature CHANGE so water changes by
    mass x specific heat x delta T.
    And it's the delta T you want to find.

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