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Homework Help: Fine Art

Posted by mysterychicken on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 1:50pm.

17. During _______, the historian is concerned with the finding out if the artwork represents a particular style of art.
a. analysis
b. criticism
c. interpretation
d. inspiration

20. Effective organization of the elements of art is important when looking for
a. organization
b. formalism
c. imitationalism
d. emphasizing

21. An etching is a design printed on a piece of material.- T
22. Proportion is an element of art.- F
23. You can use the same art criticism operations in a critical examination of architecture- T?
24. A scholar who specializes in identifying the criteria to be used in determining the significance of artworks is an aesthetician- F?
25. Literal qualities refer to an artist's ability to create realistic-looking pictures.- ?


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