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Homework Help: statistics

Posted by Joshua on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 12:25pm.

A marketing research firm suspects that a particular product has higher name recognition among college graduates than among high school graduates. A sample from each population is selected, and each asked if they have heard of the product in question. A summary of the sample sizes and number of each group answering “yes” are given below:

College Grads (Pop. 1) : n1 = 93, x1 = 61
High School Grads (Pop. 2) : n2 = 98, x2 = 58

Is there evidence, at a α = 0.013 level of significance, to support the claim of higher name recognition among college graduates? Carry out an appropriate hypothesis test, filling in the information requested.
A. The value of the standardized test statistic:

B. The p-value is

C. Your decision for the hypothesis test:

*******How do I do this without standard devations? I was going to do a hypothesis test with two independent means but how can I?

*****ALSO**** what is the formula to find p values? I usually just compare them to the Z score andt eh Z star...

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