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Posted by erica on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 12:00pm.

i need to know if i underlined the correct topic sentence. if not can you see the topic with in the two paragraphs?

When purchasing a car, it can cost more than what it is worth because of not developing the money to buy it. Financing a car to purchase it can cost highly in interest rates. If it were not something, needed like a house; often it could wait until the money is available to buy it to avoid acquiring debt. If not, it could cause a result of high interest rate for the purchase, and paying more than it is worth. Paying a high interest rate for something that could be bought with cash if saved, is not worth doing unless over paying for things are not an issue. When saving to purchase something with cash, there is no interest or debt. Why pay more for something than what it is worth, when it is possible to save and buy it if it is not needed. However, the choice of purchasing something that has interest or not it up to the buyer.

Possessing the money to purchase something wanted as a car, it there is the option of financing. When financing something there is interest that comes with purchasing it. Depending on credit status, interest rates can become very high or low when becoming financed. Paying interest will cost more for the car than what it is worth. Over paying for a purchase can increase longer periods of paying and possibly debt. Financing may be a great-deal for someone to purchase a car. The decision is the purchaser to make, when deciding, it is important to know what can or cannot be afforded. In addition, it is important to understand the contract and everything on debt acquired. A high or low interest rate can affect decisions of making a purchase or not.

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