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I'm after understanding more than an answer but an answer would be greatly appreciated.
The question reads as

"On the answer sheet for this question is shown an x-y graph of the function [y(x)=x^2cos(3x)]

Add to that same picture a rough sketch of the graph of dy/dx against x, adding graphical arguments pointing out the main features of this graph which convince you that it represents the slope of the graph of y(x) against x. Find all local max, min and points of inflexion."

any idea?


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    No idea.

    We do not see the figure. We do not know the extent of the x-axis.

    The slope of a given function f(x) can be calculated by finding the derivative, f'(x), if you have done calculus. Otherwise you can estimate the slope by placing a ruler that follows and rides on the curve.

    In addition, we do not know what help you need.

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