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algebra 2

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can you answer this question?
a store is offering a discount of 30% on a suit. There is a sales tax of 6%.
A) using a composition of function, represent this situatio in which the discount is taken before the sales tax is applied.
B) using a composition of functions represent the situation in which the sales tax is applied before the discount is taken.
C) compare the composite functions from parts a and b. does one of them result in a lower final cost? explain why or why not.

  • algebra 2 -

    Suppose the selling price of the suit is $x

    after taking discount of 30%, the selling price of the suit is .7x
    now final cost = (1.06)(.7x) = .742x

    B) apply sales tax first
    cost = 1.06x
    now apply the discount ...
    final price = (1.06x)(.7) = .742x

    well, well, what do you kow?

    not to be confused with
    " I went to a restaurant and had a coupon of $25"

    The waiter prepared my total bill including a 6% tax , then deducted the $25.
    I argued the fact that he should have taken off the $25, then applied the sales tax.
    The waiter replied that it wouldn't make any difference.
    Who is right?

    Can you see the difference between my question and your question?

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