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The femur is a bone in the leg whose minium cross-sectional area is about 3.60 E-4 m2. A compressional force in excess of 6.90 E4 N will fracture this bone.
(a) Find the maximum stress that this bone can withstand.
1 N/m2

(b) What is the strain that exists under a maximum-stress condition?

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    Stress, σ = force/area
    =6.9E4/3.6E-4 N/m²
    =1.92E8 N/m²

    Strain depends on the Young's modulus, E, of bone, which varies from 5 to 30 GPa for a calcium content of 250 mg/g. We will take tha average of 20 GPa.

    strain, ε
    = σ / E
    = 1.92E8 Pa / 20 GPa
    = 0.0096 (approx. 1%)

    Reference for E:

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