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Chemistry 20

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Determine the amount concentration of potassium ions and dichromate ions in a solution made by dissolving 44.7 g of potassium dichromate to make a volume of 205 mL. Include the balanced chemical equation.

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    There is no equation.
    K2Cr2O7 ==> 2K^+ + Cr2O7^-2

    moles K2Cr2O7 = grams/molar mass
    Substitute and solve for moles K2Cr2O7.

    M K2Cr2O7 = moles K2Cr2O7/L solution.
    Substitute and solve for M K2Cr2O7.

    Then (K^+) = 2*K2Cr2O7.
    (Cr2O7^-2) = 1*K2Cr2O7

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    thanks so much man

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