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Chem I

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Ok here is another one!

Concentrated aqueous HClO4 has a concentration of 14.8 M. Calculate the concentrations of ALL ions present in a solution prepared by pipetting 5.00mL of concentrated HClO4 into a 1000.0-mL volumetric flask and filling to the mark. Also calculate the pH and pOH of the dilution.

Wow that was a mouth full! :)

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    (HClO4) = 14.8M x (5 mL/1000) = ??

    HClO4 is a strong acid. It ionizes 100%; therefore, (H^+) = (ClO4^-) = (HClO4^-)
    Convert H^+ to pH, then to pOH, then to OH^- and that's it. (unless I missed an ion somewhere).

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