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I am having some difficulties factoring polynomials and I use only one method to figure the stuff out, which is the guess and check method because it's just mental math work and not that complicating.

Here is a question that I know how to do, and below it I will list down the question that I do not know how to solve, and would like if you could solve it for me the way I solved the question above.




(2x-5)(x+3)not this one

(2x+3)(x-5)not this one either

(2x-3)(x+5) this one is right

{So I basically used the guess and check method above after combining the like terms}

Now this is the question that left me puzzled. I would appreciate if you could solve it like the way I have done above with a simpler version.


{usually there is a constant in a polynomial, but this one doesn't have one, so I am cofused on what to do}

  • MATH STUCK:-( -

    Note that (x+5) is a common factor.

    with the guess and check method, you can try to see if it is a perfect square:
    So try

  • MATH STUCK:-( -

    That works out perfectly. Thank you very much MathMate.

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