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i understand that media has changed our culture by making things easie to access and that we have became more reliable on the internet. even after reading my chapter i still do not understand what they are expecting me to put for how it has changed american culture can some one give me an idea or direction with where i am supposed to go eith this

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    We depend upon TV and the internet instead of newspapers for news.

    We know almost instantly when something important has happened.

    Social media websites stir up feelings and help foster instant reactions to news and propaganda.

    We rely on the internet for research, not the library.

    Talk-radio and talk-TV with biased points of view influence political thinking.

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    thank you. I read all this and understand it but i feel like the question repeats some of the other question answer and i feel like i am repeating my self. i am writing an essay for media and culture and i just feel like i am not understanding it enough. but the essay is formed as 12 questions and i write a paragraph for each qeuestion. i am alsmost done but stuck on how to wrod most the information without reaping myself.

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    i know that media convergence is taking things and making putting it together as one service. like bundling cable internet and phone. but i do not get how this has impacted our culture!

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