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The X-X bond energy in the hypothetical gas, X2 is 153 kJ/mol.
a. How much energy, in joules, is required to break the bond in a single X-X molecule?
b. What wavelength of electromagnetic radiation would have the energy required to
break the X-X bond?
c. In what region of the spectrum (X-ray, UV, Vis, IR, etc.) does this radiation appear?

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    a. 153 kJ/mol = 153 kJ/6.022E23 kJ/molcule and that divided by 2 is kJ/atom.

    b. In a single molecule it will be
    E = hc/wavelength.

    c. After you work it out, compare with a set of tables (perhaps one is in your book) giving the wavelength of parts of the electromagnetic spectrum). My guess, but that's all it is, is to look between the x-ray and violet visible region.

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