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A 1.0 kg object is suspended from a vertical spring whose spring constant is 105 N/m. The object is pulled straight down by an additional distance of 0.25 m and released from rest. Find the speed with which the object passes through its original position on the way up.

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    The original position is the equilibrium position, and the velocity is a maximum there. Let that velocity be Vmax

    (1/2) M Vmax^2 = (1/2) k X^2

    Vmax = X*sqrt(k/M)

    k is the spring constant
    X = 0.25 m
    m = 1.0 kg

    I have not considered gravitational potential energy in this derivation. As I recall, its effect cancels out when you define X as being measured from the equilibrium position, with stretching due to the weight taken into account. I am too lazy to verify this.

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