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Physics - momentum

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Two hockey players are traveling at velocities of v1 = 15 m/s and v2 = -16 m/s when they undergo a head-on collision. After the collision, they grab each other and slide away together with a velocity of -3.8 m/s. Hockey player 1 has a mass of 121 kg. What is the mass of the other player?

keep getting the wrong answer..

  • Physics - momentum -

    Show us your work and someone will tell you where you went wrong.

    This is a conservation of momentum problem.

  • Physics - momentum -

    P= mv1i + mv2i = (m1 + m2)vf
    = 121kg(15m/s) +m2(-16) = (121+m2)(-3.8)

    and I keep going wrong from here..

  • Physics - momentum -

    nvm, got it!

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