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gowing 10,00 miles per hour how long will it take to get to jupiter from earth with earth the sun and jupiter alined like a straight line or just an estimation

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    The problem, as I stated before, is this:

    1) Jupiter will be far moved in that time.
    2) in a straight line? both on the same side of the Sun, or on opposite sides.

    Let me show you the problem...
    Earth,Jupiter on the same side, aligned with the Sun.

    DistanceEarthto Jupiter= Jupiterradius-Earthradius= (5.46-1)*92,000,000miles
    = 4.46*92Million miles

    time = distance/speed= 4.46*92000/10=41,032 hrs=1709days which during that time (4.68years), Jupiter has moved a quarter of its orbit (it takes 11 years for Jupiter to go around the Sun).

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    thanks -i know that its not an exast answer did a hole project on it... but the teacher asked so an estimated answer is all i need... as i said thanks any way ...

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