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A 2.241 g sample of nickel reacts with oxygen to form 2.852 g of the metal oxide. Calculate the empirical formula of the oxide.

Give the number of moles of each element to support you answer.

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    YOU can figure the moles of oxygen, and Ni.

    molesNi= 2.241/atomicweightNi


    now, get the mole ratio: MolesNi/molesO

    (ie, divide both moles by the lowest number).

    The formula will be NinOm</sub)

    where n/m= mole ratio above. If it is a weird number, such as .33, get it to
    .33/1=n/m multiply by 3, so that n/m =1/3 In this case it should be weird.

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    It shouldn't be weird, it should be a simple whole number.

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    Ni=.0382 also?

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    Doesn't that look like 1:1. It does to me.

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