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I forgot to include the following sentences. I really hope you can have a look at them, too.

1) I dress myself/I get dressed But not I wear myself.
2)R.E. stands for religious education.
3) In winter OR in the winter?
Along/on the wall opposite the window there is a bookshelf.
4) Do not use contracted forms when writing (or when you write a paragraph, or in a written text).
5) 2003 : twenty oh three Or two thousand and three?
6) Rewrite all the dates in/of (present in) exercise four five times.All school subjects are capitalized.
7) Answer the following questions. Do not exceed the ten lines/Write sixty words only. Do not write more than sixty words. Do not exceed the sixty words. (Are they all possible?)

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    1. correct

    2. correct

    3. either one

    4. correct

    5. either one

    6. Rewrite all the dates in this exercise four or five times.

    7. All are possible, but if you use the last one, don't put "the" in front of "sixty."

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