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Thank you very much for your corrections!
Can you check these few sentences plese?

1)I get the bus that crosses my village at five to seven.
2) 2016: twenty sixteen OR Two thousand and sixteen.
1805: eighteen oh five OR eighteen hundred and five.
3) She's a teacher. Possible questions: What does she do? What' her job/occupation? BUT not: Who is she? What job does she do?
4) I have never lunch at home AND nOT: I never have lunch?
5) They have Art on Wednesday. But I haven't. OR But I don't.
(Actully, we say "I don't have Art and Not I haven't Art. So and neither are followed by the auxiliary. Which one is the auxiliary in the previous sentence?)
6)I always snack on a salami sandwich.
7) At theback of the classroom there is a coat rack where you can hang your jacket.
8) I stay at home at the weekend (and not: on the weekend?) I never have lunch R I have never lunch at 1.00 pm.

  • English -

    1. OK

    2. I've heard all those variations. I guess it's a matter of personal preference.

    3. What does she do? What's her occupation? What job does she do? -- All are fine.

    4. I never have lunch at home.
    I have never had lunch at home.

    5. They have Art on Wednesday, but I don't.

    6. OK

    7. OK

    8. I stay home on weekends. I never have lunch at 1:00 PM.

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