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Can you please help me check these sentences? Thank you very much.

1) We have fifty-five minute lessons except for the first and the last lesson which last sixty minutes
2) I have 5 hours of lesson on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have afternoon lessons only (?) on Wednesdays. We go out for lunch (better: we eat out) because the school doesn't have a school canteen (eating facilities is possible?)
3) We have English and IT afternoon lessons on Wednesdays. We have three hours of lesson before the break. After the break we have two more hours of lessons.
4) I have my breakfast (OR I have breakfast) at 6 o'clock.
5) I go to the bathroom where (better: and) I wash and dressed myself (better: I get washed and dressed?)
6) I prepare myself to go to school (correction: I get ready for school).
7) My mum drives my sister and me to school.
8) School starts at 8 a.m. (and not: The school starts). I arrive home from school (or I arrive at home) at 2 p.m. 9)In my school there is a physics lab, a language lab, a science lab and an Informatics (or Computer?) lab. At the entrance you turn left. My classroom is the last on the left (of the corridor?)

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    1) lessons, is better
    2) is good
    3) 2 lessons/2 more hours of lesson
    4) good
    5) i go to the bathroom where i wash and dress myself (not dressed myself)
    6)i get ready for school
    7) good
    8) good
    9) computer lab and fine

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    Good job by joel!

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