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inter Algebra

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A band can sell 80 CDs at concert if they sell the Cds for $12 each. For every $1 increase in the price, they will sell 5 fewer Cds. Determine the price for a CD that will maximize the band's revenue.

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    Let x be the price.
    The number sold is
    N = 80 - 5(x -12)= 140 -5x.
    The revenue is 140x -5x^2 dollars.

    Try completing the square, since you probably don't know how to use differential calculus yet. Maximum revenue ($980) is at a price where
    140 - 10x = 0
    x = $14
    At a price of $13 or $15, the revenue is $975.

  • inter Algebra -

    is $14 by completing the square

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