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1.Another Chinese method of irrigation is shown in the lower picture.
2.In flat areas, water is pumped out of the ground.
3.Farmers build ridges around the terraces so that the terraces can be flooded during the growing season.
4.As you can see, water from high terraces can flow to lower terraces.

Identify prepositional phrase and then tell if adjective or adverb phrase.

1.of irrigation-adverb
in the lower picture-adjective flat areas-adjective
of the ground-adverb

3.around the terraces-adverb
during the growing season-adjective

4.from high terraces-adjective
to lower terraces-adjective

  • English -

    !. of irrigation - method ,noun
    in the lower picture = is shown, verb

    Check the rest of these and then repost, please.

  • English -

    1.of irrigation-adjective
    in the lower picture-adverb flat areas-adverb
    of the ground-adjective

    3.around the terraces-adjective
    during the growing season-adverb

    4.from high terraces-adjective
    to lower terraces-adverb

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