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Math (hard)

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Postcard stamps are 20 cents each, while letter stamps are 33 cents each. If you have 50 stamps worth $12.60, how many of each type do you have?

I don't even know where to begin with this Q.

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    let the number of 20 cent stamps be x
    then the number of 33 cent stamps is 50-x

    20x + 33(50-x) = 1260

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    After solving the equation i get 3.9=x
    ??? isnt there a way you can solve it by letting x= number of postcard stamps and then y= number of letter stamps?

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    number of postcards stamps x
    number of letter stamps y

    x + y = 50
    20x + 33y = 1260

    from the first:: y = 50-x
    then in the second

    20x + 33(50-x) = 1260

    well, look at that! I had that in the first line.

    20x + 1650 - 33x = 1260
    -13x = -390
    x = 30
    then y = 50-x = 50-30 = 20

    (how did you get a decimal??? of 3.9x ? )

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    THANK YOU!!!!!! sorry! i feel like a waste of time for you, but im just not that smart ;)

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