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Posted by csi man on Saturday, November 13, 2010 at 6:37pm.

Hi can anyone clarify the following please

Three unrecognisable bodies are found

Genotype of bodies found at a house fire

Locus Body 1 Body 2 Body 3
D3S1358 14,19 16,18 14,18
vWA 15,21 18,18 17,21
D16S539 11,11 12,13 11,12
D2S1338 18,19 18,24 18,23
D8S1179 13,14 14,15 12,14
D21S11 29,29.2 29,31.2 29,31.2
D18S51 13,17 16,16 14,17
D19S433 13,13 12,14 13,15
THO1 9,9.3 6,7 9,9.3
FGA 22,23 19,24 23,24
Amelog XX XY XY

Am i right to state that Body 1 is a female ..
2 and 3 are male ..

I need to state whether 3 can be the son of body 1 and 2 , 4th person who could have been at the fire is missing not seen for a week after the fire ...

I am unsure in only
D3S1358, D16S539, D8S1179,D21S11, THO1, and FGA are allele present from the possible two parents !

so out of 10 markers only 6 are a match where allele are present for at least one possible parent.

is that enough to prove that the two bodies 1, 2 are parents of three how many should match ??

I felt that D3S1358 was such a good match the bodies one and two are the parents of body 3 ???

In vWA body 3 does not an allele of 15,21 or 18,18 of its possible parents


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