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A 0.2 kg mass hangs at the end of a wire. what is the tension in the wire if the ball is whirled around in a horizontal circle with tangential velocity of 5 m/sec

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    Let the tension be T and the angle of the string to the horizontal be A.

    Write equations for horizontal and vertical motion.

    T sin A = M g
    T cos A = M V^2/r

    Square both sides and add the two equations to get T

    T^2(sin^2A + cos^2A) = T
    = M^2(g + V^2/r)

    Solve for T.

    You need to know the length of the wire (r) to solve this problem. They should have told you what it is.

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    A person places the speakers 4.0 m apart and connects a signal generator to both speakers that produces a single and consistent tone. (constant wavelength and frequency) He then walks to a point that is 2.0 m from one speaker and 2.3 m from the other. At that point he notices a quiet “spot”. If the speed of the sound in the room is known to be 350 m/s, calculate the possible frequencies being played by the speakers.

    My Answer:

    PD=(n-.5) λ, but λ=v/f

    f=(3500n/3)-(3500/6), where n is any real integer.

    Is this right? Thanks for your help.

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