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fter a foreign substance is introduced into the blood, the rate at which antibodies are made is modeled by
f(t) = 27 t/8 t^2 + 3
where f(t) is in thousands of antibodies per minute, and t is measured in minutes with 0 ≤ t ≤ 60. Assuming that there are no antibodies present at time t = 0, find the total number of antibodies in the blood at the end of 60 minutes. Round your answer to two decimal places.
Number of Antibodies (in thousands) =

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    This makes no sense to me:
    f(t) = 27 t/8 t^2 + 3
    do you mean
    f(t) = 27 t/(8 t^2 + 3 )
    or what?

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