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Posted by mysterychicken on Friday, November 12, 2010 at 6:01pm.

11. Although settlers valued democracy, they often
a. rejected controls over government
b. elected weak legislatures
c. disregarded the rights of minorities
d. failed to vote
Not sure...

12. Jack Kerouac, the author of On The Road, was the
a. pediatrician who urged mothers to stay at home with their young children
b. spiritual leader of the beatniks
c. evangelist who led religious crusades all across the country
d. sociologist who first described the "silent generation"
Umm I know it's not A and C, but I think it's D? Even though I'm not sure if he was a sociologist.

15. By the time NAWSA was formed in 1980, women could
a. vote in local elections
b. vote for President
c. buy and sell property
d. run for national political office

16. All of the following New Deal Agencies still endure today except the
a. Tennessee Valley Authority
b. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
c. Civilian Conservation Corps
d. Securities and Exchange Commission


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