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Linear Equation question

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Hello! quick question.
why the line y = -3 is a horizontal line.
describe how this line sits on the Cartesian (coordinate) plane.
I have tried a few thoughts on this. Firstly the horizontal sits on the y intercept. The graph y = b is a horizontal line. -3 is to the left of the origin which is 0. It follows the order of a number line. Negative numbers to the left and positive numbers to the right. This is all I have so far. Did I get close??
Your help is appreciated!!

  • Linear Equation question -

    If you followed a line that has a slant or slope, you'll notice that the
    x and y co-ordinate are both changing.
    If you followed a vertical line,only the y co-ordinate will change.If you
    followed a horizontal line, the x co-
    ordinate only will change. The y co-
    ordinate will be constant(y = c). Therefore, when x is constant,its' a
    vertical line; and when y is constant,
    its' a horizontal line.

    In your case, y = c = -3, and its' a hor. line. Since y is constant, it re-
    mains the same no matter what value
    you assign to x.

    Use the following points to graph the
    Eq.: y = -3.

    (-4 , -3) , (-2 , -3) , (0 , -3),
    (2 , -3).

    I hope this will help.

  • Linear Equation question -

    Thank you Henry

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